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Moving Past Catastrophe



When the unexpected hits, how do we move forward? When the dust settled following The Occurrence, those of us who survived had a choice to face: curl up into a ball and give in, or rebuild.

Through the quick-thinking of our global leaders, and the formation of the Global Annihilation Security Project, humanity pulled through The Occurrence and has successfully begun the process of rebuilding.

But as businesses reopen, children return to school, flags fly high across the world, and life returns to a new normal, one question looms over us all.

What next?

Politicians and governments are working hard towards initiatives to help prevent future catastrophes. Scientists take to the labs with exciting new research, while agents in the field assess threats at home. But what can you, the average citizen, do now to help your society move forward from The Occurrence, and prevent another such event from devastating us again?

We at GASP are devoted to answering this question. Through informational seminars, training events, and helpful pamphlets and tips, we will help you step into this bright new world, and keep your future secure.

Check back here to our blog to keep up to date with upcoming events and learn helpful tips to stay organized and prepared. What’s the latest on zombie virus research? How do you earthquake-proof your home? What kinds of insurance do you need in case of meteors?  These questions and more will be answered as we at GASP strive to keep you and your family safe.