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As Drought Recedes, Underwater Inhabitants Rejoice


nuclearv4The current state of the California Drought has been a source of constant concern for GASP. Without a steady and stable water supply, how will citizens survive when sunbursts scorch the surface of the Earth, leaving us in an eternal desert landscape?

But, thanks to recent heavy rainfalls, California is pulling through the drought, restoring order to this lush and beautiful coastal state.

Most excited about the recession of the drought are our underwater neighbors from the secluded undersea metropolis twenty miles from Santa Monica.

Edward Damp, the squid representative from the Pacific Alliance with Land-dwellers (PAL), expressed his delight at the recent boost to underwater economy.

“For the last several years, we’ve been isolated from our human neighbors by arid conditions on land,” Damp said in his press release that washed up in a glass bottle on the shores late Tuesday night. “Now, with this heavy precipitation comes a new chance to forge bonds with our two-legged brothers and sisters.”

We look forward to reestablishing relations with the undersea coalition, while maintaining a safe and aqueous environment for all.

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