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Feb. 15: Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Match Registry Drive


One of the Pillars of GASP is Preparation. We strive to be prepared for any catastrophic event that might occur, from earthquakes to alien attacks to sudden and crippling bouts of confusion and self doubt.

Which is why we are proud to partner with the American Red Cross to host a Blood Drive and a Be the Match Bone Marrow Donor Registry Drive on February 15.

You have a lot of blood in your body. Did you know that? Almost 1.5 gallons! Do you really NEED all that blood? Of course not! So why be a greedy meanie and hoard that precious life-giving substance to yourself, when you could donate to someone in need!

Come out to the blood drive and donate. Your donation could help save the life of an injured or ill human, or feed a very hungry vampire family.

While you’re there, join the Be the Match bone marrow registry. A quick swab puts you on the registry that could help you save a life one day.

We all need a little help from time to time. That’s why GASP is here, to prepare for tomorrow’s disasters, today.



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