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The Walking DON’T


twdThe past few weeks have seen the return of several popular end of the world television shows, from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to the CW’s “The 100.” These are just a few in the long history of apocalyptic entertainment, a genre that spans books, films, and countless other mediums.

We at GASP enjoy quality entertainment as much as the next citizen, but the growing popularity of such end-times entertainment carries its own troubling implications.

Dr. Honor James, Head Psychoanalyst at GASP, explains that fascination with these apocalyptic genres signals a deep cultural fear that has been warped into obsession. “When we take this hyper-real threat and turn it into entertainment,” Dr. James says, “we normalize it, making it appear less dangerous, even desirable. Citizens might be encouraged to display behaviors and thoughts that reinforce these kinds of destructive scenarios, disrupting the peace we’ve worked so hard to build.”

GASP is dedicated to pushing back forces that threaten to plunge us into the terrifying landscapes seen on shows like “The Walking Dead.” We rely on the cooperation and support of our populace, and therefore do not condone the sugarcoating of such dark realities through pop culture entertainment.

That’s why we encourage you to turn off those shows, avoid the clandestine “viewing parties” that have popped up in the past weeks, and seek out more wholesome entertainment that focuses on creating a brighter, more peaceful future. Why not binge watch “Gilmore Girls” for the tenth time or tune in to “Silicon Valley” and let the good times roll!


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