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Don’t Get Caught in These Places During an Earthquake



As we all know, California has been on high alert for several months now. It’s been quiet on the San Andreas fault, but all signs point to a huge earthquake heading our way that promises to devastate this beautiful state.

Earthquake safety is at the top of our minds here at GASP, and until the worst has passed, we’ve collected some tips to help you prepare.

The biggest concern is where you will be when the big one finally hits. There are many places that could quickly become deadly during a natural disaster, so we recommend avoiding the following places for the next weeks/months, just until the threat is over.

  • The Beach – Earthquakes can create massive and incredibly destructive tidal waves. Anyone near the water during the earthquake runs the risk of being swept away. So just avoid the sandy shores, and embrace the pale look.

  • Amusement parks – Your spring break trip to Disneyland will have to wait. You don’t want to be caught on a fun, magical deathtrap if an earthquake hits. Avoid rollercoasters for the time being.

  • The freeways – California freeways are notorious for being jam-packed with cars. You could be trapped on the 405 for all eternity if the earthquake hits while you’re driving. Best to take back roads for now.

  • In the shower – This is pretty self-explanatory. Naked body + earthquake? Let’s just avoid showers for the next weeks/months. Cancel all baths as well.

  • Outside – Open spaces are dangerous. Anything from palm trees to window pots might fall on you. Our advice is to stay tucked away indoors where you’re safe and protected.

As long as you avoid these areas, you should be just fine when the big one comes. Until then, we at GASP will be doing everything we can to suture the fault lines back together again to avoid more natural disasters.


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