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Addressing the “Enders”


We’ve heard the rumors circulating lately about certain groups making horrifying accusations against the hardworking people at GASP.

These underground organizations claim they’re exposing the truth, but all they spread is lies. We at GASP are saddened that many of our citizens are even considering the lies spread by these miscreants, attending so-called “Self-Defense” courses and rallies that are really designed to disturb the peace we’ve worked so hard to build.

These people don’t care about your safety. They don’t care about you. They only care about their own agenda, rocking the boat to create a current that will soon be a tidal wave destroying our society.

Rest assured, these vandals will be brought to justice, and we at GASP will not be deterred in our mission to bring peace and stability to you and the people you love. cropped-rsz_gasplogo_vfinal-3.jpg


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